Scrabble tiles spelling Feed Your Head


Living life with minimal bias, requires humility, calm, and an open mind.

Learning to love oneself, despite faults and strengths, feeling strength with unshakable confidence while accepting feedback, criticism, and judgement from others as an opportunity to learn and grow is the one super power everyone can have to find peace.

Ted Bouskill, Humanist

A friend recently said to me I could teach others to be better human beings. I’m not sure that is true, however, if I can create dialog that can lead others to find the peaceful authenticity I live, why not try?

My goal is to share the knowledge I’ve gained from my experiences personal and professional as lessons learned from my successes and failures. To be the best human can be and hope inspire or help others do the same.

I’ve been told many times I seen things differently in unique and positive ways. I hope that by sharing my perspectives which have kept me moving forward during my darkest hours I can help others be the change for their peace.

Scrabble tiles spelling Nothing Endures but Change