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Ted Bouskill is a self-made man that grew up on the Canadian prairie.

Raised in a lower income middle class family fully of a wider range of characters than most families, Ted learned at a young age to own his happiness, that if he always tried to do the right things that he only had to live for himself, no one else. That those that accepted him for who he was, faults and all were his only true friends. He learned to love himself long before many others do, if they do at all.

This unique family provided an unusual childhood that gave him a perspective on life that many seek and may not find.

Despite only having a high school education, his career in software development was due to a combination of ability, luck, and the support of people that believed in him. One key figure, a great friend’s father played a huge part in giving Ted the opportunity to thrive.

After having many compliments on his unique perspectives, ability to tell interesting stories, his writing style as well as his humanity he has decided to create a blog to share, learn, and grow.