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Why All-In with Apple? Part 1 – Preamble

In a response to an article discussing whether iPhone users are price sensitive, a connection said, “People pay for status. A new Apple phone is the equivalent of a Gucci bag. Many more functional, useful bags out there with better quality, design and are more affordable at the same time.”

I found it to be an condescending statement about iPhone buyers as well as being a poor analog. Thinking that Apple thinks less of it’s customers than other companies is questionable logic.

As a iPhone user who has never done anything in my entire life based on status or fitting in, I was insulted by his inference that I was a fool buying a product that didn’t have value so I would impress others.

In high school despite being the shortest kid and potentially an easy target for bullies I made no effort to fit in. I was known for wearing clothes that no one else would wear simply because they were warm, or comfortable with fashionable never on my mind.

My most famous choice was a neon orange ski winter jacket that was a hand me down from an uncle that was not cool however it fit me perfectly. I let it get dirty, and it was already scuffed up from my uncle that had worn it ten years before me. I didn’t want to stand out, I was painfully shy, however, it fit so well and kept me so warm, I wore it anyway.

I’ve never subscribed to groupthink. I own my happiness, my identity, my opinion of myself and only do things for others as a gift, never to be liked or respected or to improve my worth.

As a software developer I have more income than the bulk of the population, however, due to an ex-wife that didn’t work, now that I pay alimony, and will for the rest of my life, I have to spend carefully. I have only one extravagance, my Apple devices that I and my family use. This was not a decision I took lightly.

All the other electronics in my household are not best of breed or the latest or greatest. I only bought the newest generation gaming console when I got a huge discount working at Electronic Arts. All our family gaming systems are at least one generation old. My TVs are always bought on sale and are never high end models. The same goes with our one Windows gaming PC.

My cars are never high end. I have a Kia Soul that is three years old. I do have a 1977 MGB I bought as a present to myself when I left Electronic Arts after 4 hard years doing computer security, however, that was only because it was the cheapest classic car of my era to buy and maintain! My father had owned one that was a fixer upper and that rarely ran. I had dreamed of owning one that would be in great shape to actually enjoy driving often. My family fully approved my choice.

I’m not cheap, I’m definitely frugal. When I spend more money than average, there is usually a dam good reason for it and there is when it comes to Apple products. My actions were not due to status. I believe the value I get for the price paid has been worth every penny. This is Part 1 of my explanation why I have made this choice and why I refuse to work with the man that insulted me indirectly due to his blind hatred of a company and it’s products.

To infer that all Apple customers purchase the product as a status symbol is a petty oversimplification. It shows a lack of compassion and understanding for other’s opinions. An entitled attitude of superiority that others that don’t make the same decision are somehow inferior. Likely a narcissist.

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